Red Team Exercises

The Rigel Kent Red Team Exercise service draws on our decades of experience Red Team'ing and working with client's Red and Blue Teams to either test your organization's response processes or demonstrate specific issues to management.

Typically combined with our Social Engineering Exercise service, our attack simulation will conduct various forms of reconnaissance, keeping below your Incident Response team's detection level, to identify possible attack vectors into your organization. These attack scenarios are then built and ranked using a combination of factors such as risk of detection, anticipated privileges and logical position in the organization and probability of success. A number of these scenarios will then be selected according to their ranking, technology built or adapted and then each selected scenario executed in turn. The results as well as any evidence of detection throughout the entire process are recorded and then used as discussion points during the debriefing with your Incident Response team.

A final report will highlight the issues found during the process, the responses to our attack attempts and any attempts to detect or block our activities.